5 Of Our Favorite Jon Pardi Moments. So Far…

By Pat and Tom

Jon Pardi returns home to play the Golden One Center tonight, opening for Miranda Lambert (come by Malt and Mash if you’re going to the show for a chance to win floor seats and meet and greets with Jon. Drawing is at 6!). On the strength of his latest album, the Dixon native has become one of country music’s most in-demand young acts. His future looks so great, in fact, we thought now would be a good time to take a quick look back–as best we can recollect–on 5 moments from working with Jon that stand out for us.

5) That time he got a KISS sing-a-long going at Country in the Park. It was 2013, Darius Rucker was our headliner, and Jon was one of the opening acts. His set was finished and he was hanging out backstage and Pat and I needed to go up to do stage announcements. But as we were going up, we asked if Jon wanted to come. He said sure. Before we knew it, he was standing on an amp, leading the crowd in a sing-a-long to KISS’ “I Want To Rock and Roll All Night (And Party Every Day)”. Pat and I never got to do our announcements.

4) That time he played a Boot Barn. One of the funniest artist stories we’ve ever gotten, from anyone. Jon told us about a time just after his first album came out they were booked to play a Boot Barn in…I think…Fresno. Jon thought maybe they had a stage set up for them. Nope. It was he and his band, standing amidst the boots and clothing racks, while customers browsed and clerks got on the PA for price checks. It ended positively: Jon said he got a great sale price on a belt.

3) That time his mom made enchiladas for us. One time we asked Jon what was his his favorite of all his mom’s home cooking. Without hesitating, he said her enchiladas. Our St. Jude radio-thon was fast approaching, so we contacted Shelly and asked if maybe we could possibly auction off a serving of her enchiladas to a high bidder, with all proceeds benefiting the charity. She said of course. Best part: in addition to the enchiladas she made for the winning listener, she also made a tray for us. And Jon was right…those things are good.

2) That story his mom told us about Jon’s bandmate eating her diet food. Jon and his band had some time off between shows and so they stayed at Jon’s mom’s house. She told us that one morning after the boys had been out late, she went to the refrigerator to get her diet plan breakfast only to find it, and several other diet plan meals, missing. Turns out, Jon’s guitarist Terry Lee Palmer, was hungry the night before, and confessed to scarfing them down.

1) Those times he was named Best New Male Vocalist at the ACMs and Best New Artist at the CMAs. Because it ain’t all about us. Congrats, Jon. The entire Sacramento Valley is proud of you and we’re looking forward to the concert tonight.


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