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Bebe Rexha Gets Dolly Parton’s Hat Maker For Dazzling Cowboy Hat [PIC]

Bebe Rexha hired Dolly Parton’s hat maker to create a custom eye-catching bedazzled cowboy hat. The pop singer sported the hat during the CMA Fest in Nashville.

She told Sounds Like Nashville backstage at the festival: “Friday I said, ‘I really want a hat full of crystals.’ I hit up everybody and was like, ‘How are we going to make this work?’ Somehow, I got a stylist to hit up Dolly Parton’s hat maker, and they bought 6,000 Swarovski crystals.”

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Bebe continued: “It was very expensive, but I said it’s worth it. It’s very heavy, but I almost cried because my grandma listened to Dolly Parton growing up—she was her favorite artist. I felt like it was cool. Have a good luck hat on. I hope it doesn’t fall. It’s insane.”

Take a look at the stunning hat below.

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