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Bebe Rexha Thinks Nashville Has Something New York & L.A. Lack

Bebe Rexha has spent enough quality time in Nashville by now to really see its charm.

As a New York native and Los Angeles resident, she certainly had preconceived notions of Music City.

“When I thought of Nashville when I was younger, and Tennessee, it was like everyone’s wearing a cowboy hat and cowgirl boots and cowboy boots and a guitar on their hand,” Rexha said. “But it’s actually not like that at all I think there’s a lot more different styles of music and it’s already a big hub for country music, but I think it’s gonna become a way bigger hub for music in general.”

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The singer further believes that Nashville has something that New York and L.A. lack, reports Sounds Like Nashville. There’s a freshness in the music that you can’t find anywhere else.

“I feel like Nashville is this cool mix of up-and-coming, it feels very exciting, it feels fresh, it feels new,” she added. “Because I’m from New York, I moved to L.A. and L.A. started to feel a little bland to me a little bit. I love it, but there’s something really exciting about Nashville. There’s something about to come in a bigger way.”

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