Bradshaw Animal Shelter Sacramento puppy

Bradshaw Animal Shelter Seeking Sacramento’s Help In Abuse Case

The staff at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter are calling this tiny puppy Thomas. Why? Because he “keeps on chuggin'” according to vet staff.

“This kind of trauma is consistent with blunt force trauma from a small, heavy object applied directly to his head,” Janna Hayes, communication and media officer said. “Similar to a small hammer.”

Thomas was found on Peck Drive and Harley Way near Florin Road in Sacramento according to the Sacramento Bee. Thankfully, a woman found the puppy and brought him to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter.

The good news is, Thomas seems to be doing better. As of today he has been standing up in his kennel! But, the staff still needs the help of the public to figure out what happened to this little guy.

So, if you have any information, you’re encourage to call the shelter or contact 311.

“We really need someone to help us identify this dog,” Haynes said. “Someone knows who he belongs to.”

With your help, we can get justice for this little guy.

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