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Chris Lane Would Be Down To Star On ‘The Bachelor’

Hey, ABC! Chris Lane says that he’s interested in being the bachelor on… well, The Bachelor! This definitely should happen.

“I’m not currently dating anyone,” the singer told Taste of Country. “I’m just enjoying where I’m at in my career and taking it a day at a time.”

While his career is his main focus right now, he says he’s open to dating. In fact, being on The Bachelor would make it so much easier! “Providing I would have enough time to do it, I would,” he said. “I wanna be the guy who gets to choose between all the girls.”

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He’s no stranger to the show, either. He keeps up with the show on his down time.

“This season has made me laugh really, really hard,” he admitted. “The guy who calls himself the male model … he has me rolling, dude. The reason it’s funny is because you are embarrassed for him and the fact that he’s saying all this stuff and he’s real about it.”

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