Changing Table, Angry Dad, Disgusting Floor (Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

Angry Dad’s Photo Of Him Changing His Daughter On “Disgusting Floors” Goes Viral

Okay, I need the parents to weigh in on this one. Because I do not hang around babies and I don’t know if the floor is the place you go to change a baby if there is no table. I mean, where else would you go that would be any better? A table in the restaurant, the car, outside? There doesn’t really seem to be a good option.

Apparently this is a problem that┬áChris Mau has run into before. He stopped in a McDonald’s to change his 8-month-old daughter’s diaper and alas, there was no changing table in the men’s restroom.

So, like you do, he took his frustration to social media with the following post:

It sounds to me like he has a point. How much extra could it cost to put a table in each restroom? But, what do you think?

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