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Eat Dark Chocolate To Help Fight The Common Cold

It’s common for people to turn to orange juice once they start to feel a cold coming. It turns out, however, that chugging OJ doesn’t really do much to fight the common cold. In fact, it actually could make it worse!

According to WebMD, vitamin C actually has little to no benefit in fighting flu and cold ailments. Additionally, the fructose in orange juice can make your symptoms worse. One study found that fructose represses the immune system, meaning it can prolong the duration of your cold.

Instead of looking to orange juice when the sniffles start becoming more frequent, a better option is dark chocolateBusiness Insider revealed zinc is great for fighting the common cold. It blocks the development of viruses that cause the illness. Foods high in zinc include un-toasted pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, and dark chocolate, says Foodbeast.

A full bar of unsweetened dark chocolate has about 10 mg of zinc per 100 grams. That’s two-thirds of the recommended daily intake. Unsweetened dark chocolate is pretty bitter, but eating it will help you bounce back from your cold faster. Besides, many studies in the past have shown that dark chocolate is a bit of a super food. It can help improve blood flow as well as brain function, and has antioxidants, among other benefits. So eating it can help round out other aspects of your health, as well.

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