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Dumb: Man Tattoos Bar Entry Stamp On Hand. Bonus: It Actually Works

You’ve probably joked about getting a tattoo of some sort of stamp on your hand to get free entry into places. Maybe some of us have even considered it. This guy actually did it, and his plan actually worked at the bar. He gets free entry whenever he goes there, at the price of having a permanent stamp on his hand.

Adam Marsh is just 27, and had the idea to get the tattoo when he was drunk. Likely after visiting one of his favorite bars, Che Bar. They require a hand-stamp after you get into the bar, which shows that you paid and entered properly. Let’s do some math, since I think it’s fun (yes, really). He paid just over $45 for the tattoo. The entry fee int the bar is just over 5 bucks (this happened in England, so the prices are adjusted). So as long as he goes to the bar 9 times, the tattoo is paid for. He doesn’t get free drinks, just entry into the bar, since they seem to think his plan was humorous.

But in more “was that actually worth it?” analysis, now he says he regrets the idea. Of course he does, he’s a walking advertisement for the bar, and he was drunk when he got it done. So now, he wants to get it covered up, which means he’s shelling out more money to have it covered. “I can’t even remember getting it done, but I am known for being the joker of the group so I’m sure I was up for it at the time… When I woke up and saw it I just screamed in madness at myself,” Adam says. And this isn’t the first time he’s gotten a drunken tattoo – he’s got 7 of them, all apparently poor decisions.

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