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Dylan Schneider Recalls The First Time He Heard Himself On Radio

Dylan Schneider is and up-and-coming name in country right now. He was home in Indiana when he heard his song on the radio for the first time.

“We were hype! I was at the Chick-fil-A here in town, and we took video, and I was super excited. There’s nothing like hearing yourself on the radio,” he told The Boot. “It was a special moment and cool that I was with some people all taking Snapchats and stuff. I remember thinking that it was unbelievable. It’s something you worked so hard for. Hopefully there are more to come!”

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When it comes to his dream collaborator, Schneider hopes to connect with Justin Bieber one day in the studio. “I would love to hear how our voices sound on a track together,” he said. That track would surely hit No. 1!

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