Flu Outbreak (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Flu Outbreak Causes Sacramento Elementary School To Close

This flu outbreak is nothing to sneeze at…unless of course you can’t help it. Because you have the flu.

St. Mary School in East Sacramento is closed until Thursday morning. Forty students made their way to the office Monday with fever and other flu symptoms.

Students aren’t the only ones being affected by the virus. Eleven teachers were out on Monday, which is a hard number to cover with subs. The large amount of absences led to a school closure Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Sacramento Bee says that parents were notified via email. Classrooms are scheduled to be disinfected and the school plans to reopen Thursday morning.

Seriously though, the flu outbreak this year is nuts. I haven’t caught the bug yet. But, I am sure yet is the operative word. Keeping my fingers crossed and my hands washed though. I am a big ole’ baby when it comes to being sick.

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