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Kane Brown Didn’t Expect The Success Of His Debut Album

Kane Brown was blown away from the immense success of his debut album. As a result, he says that it’s made him more picky about his sound moving forward.

He recently released “Lose It” from his upcoming sophomore album, just in time for summer. The process of writing his second album took a lot more focus and thought.

“It’s very scary because I felt like my debut album did better than what I expected,” he told Sounds Like Nashville. “So, now for this to be my second album, I feel like I have to top that. And it’s making me grow as an artist, which I love, but it’s also making me a lot more picky.”

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He continued: “I sang these songs that’s on my last debut for over a year now, so if I’m going to sing these next ones for over a year, I want them to be special to me or just be fun at least for the crowd. I’m really just working my tail off trying to get these songs good.”

Kane’s album is expected to drop in November.

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