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Kid Rock To Open Four-Story Bar In Downtown Nashville

Kid Rock is opening a bar in downtown Nashville!

It sounds like it’s going to be well worth a visit. The $20 million four-story entertainment venue will also be a steakhouse. He’s teaming with the owners of Tootsie’s as well as Al Ross and Steve Smith to bring his bar to life.

He told the Tennessean:

“I’m scared to put my name on anything because my name is on it. If I put my stamp on it and have a vision for it and it’s something that’s detrimental, it’s not worth the money or risk. At this point, I don’t need to take risks. I want to do things that are fun and with good people.”

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Kid Rock’s venue will be more rock’n’roll focused. There’s going to be a bar and a stage on every floor, including the rooftop. He also plans to serve quality food with high-end steaks, sliders on King’s Hawaiian rolls and salads on the preliminary menu.

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