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Michael Ray Announces Drop Date For Sophomore Album, ‘Amos’

Michael Ray has finally given an update on his upcoming album, Amos. He named the album after his late grandfather, who was a heavy influence on the tracks.

According to Sounds Like Nashville, Michael said in a press release:

“The day I made my debut on the Opry stage, all I could think about was how he would be so proud. Looking back, that moment was a pivotal one–our family lost its patriarch. So, when we started making this record, before I would record vocals on the song I would ask myself, ‘Is this a song I would have played proudly for him?’ It makes this album that much more special to think he would have said, ‘Ray, that’s a good one.'”

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Amos releases on June 1. It’ll also be available for pre-order on April 20.

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