Alligator in Camden Lake in Elk Grove (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Multiple Elk Grove Residents Report Seeing Alligator In Camden Lake—Fish and Wildlife Calls It A Hoax

Is an alligator lurking in Camden Lake in Elk Grove? California Fish and Wildlife are calling reported sightings a hoax. But, at least two people say they’ve seen a three or four foot gator multiple times.

According to Fox 40, one resident posted a photo of alligator on Facebook. However, it appears to be very similar to a stock photo found on a popular website.

The original poster is sticking to her story about seeing the reptile in Camden Lake. Additionally, multiple people have been at the lake in an attempt to see the creature, which is not native to Elk Grove…or California.

“It’s been a real spectacle — lots and lots of people here,” said Larry Tillman, who lives next to the lake. “There’s been hundreds and hundreds of cars here,” he told KCRA.

So what do you think—hoax or real?

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