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Nurses Accuse Marvel’s Stan Lee Of Sexual Harassment

The latest accused of sexual harassment in Hollywood is former editor-in-chief of Marvel and comic book legend, Stan Lee.

Nurses who worked in his Hollywood home said that Lee groped them, asked for oral sex, and walked around nude. An anonymous source said to the Daily Mail:

“There has been a stream of young nurses coming to his house in West Hollywood and he has been sexually harassing them…. He walks around naked and is vulgar towards the women. He asks them for oral sex in the shower and wants to be pleasured in his bedroom. He’s also very handsy and has groped some of the women. It’s unacceptable behavior, especially from an icon like Stan.”

No lawsuits or police reports were filed by any of the accusers. Lee also denies any claims made against him.

Lee’s attorney told Page Six:

“Mr. Lee will not be extorted or blackmailed, and will pay no money to anyone because he has done absolutely nothing wrong.”

The Daily Mail’s source claims that the nursing company’s owner has “openly said to people that Stan has sexually harassed every single nurse.” Page Six reports that Lee is now working with a different nursing company.

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