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Pregnant Amazon Deliver Driver Carjacked, Doesn’t Let It Stop Her

Dejai Thomas is an Amazon delivery driver, and she’s also pregnant. While she was dropping off a package at someone’s house, she saw someone entering her truck through the driver side door. Her first thought was to stop the guy any way she could.

“I gotta finish my job, I got a job to do,” Dejai told reporters. At first she got in front of the truck to stop the guy from driving off, but then ran to the passenger side door to try and get in. As she opened the door, the guy put the truck in gear and took off. Dejai was hanging onto the open door, dragging her feet and knees on the ground. Her pants were torn up, and she said the guy ran over her foot as he drove off. Shortly after that, police got a call informing them of an armed carjacking.

They caught up with the truck pretty quickly on the freeway. Police tried to pull the truck over, but the driver wouldn’t comply. Now it’s a police chase, and the driver didn’t show any signs of slowing down. At least not until he slammed into one of the police cars – that put a quick end to the pursuit. The guy was taken into custody and faces a few different charges. Property theft and resisting arrest most likely. Amazon says “We are thankful the delivery driver is safe, and will work with our delivery service partner and law enforcement as they investigate.”

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