Sacramento City Unified School District (Photo by Chris Hondros/Newsmakers)
(Photo by Chris Hondros/Newsmakers)

Sacramento City Unified School District Asked To Cut Budget By $24 Million

The Sacramento City Unified School District needs to make cuts and come up with a new budget in just one month. They’ve been asked to cut the current budget by $24 million. It’s not just me; that’s a lot of money right?!

“Right now, Sacramento City Unified School District is faced with a really grave fiscal dilemma,” Board President Jessie Ryan told KCRA. Apparently the district spent $560 million this year, but only made $531 million. So, the extra $28 million has to come out of the reserves. However, they overspent last year and are slated to next year as well. So those reserves will be depleted. That means that cuts will have to be made.

“The Sacramento County Office of Education will work closely with the district and the state’s fiscal adviser to…find a thoughtful plan for minimizing the impact of cuts on students and our classrooms,” Ryan said.

One cut that was already made was the mandatory summer school program. It was slated for 3,000 Sacramento City Unified School District students who needed more academic support. But, it was cut nearly as soon as it was created to save $3 million.


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