Sacramento Dog (Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images)

After Missing For A Year, A Sacramento Dog Is Found 280 Miles Away

Holy macaroni—I needed a story like this to start my day. Champ the Husky has been missing since last April. But the Sacramento dog was found sound and safe nearly 300 miles away in Bakersfield.

“Someone probably took Champ, but I’m not exactly sure. He just wasn’t home one day,” Shaunta Lowman told KCRA. “I didn’t give up hope at all.”

How The Sacramento Dog Got Home

And it’s a good thing she didn’t! She posted flyers and took to social media with posts that were shared over 30,000 times. Posts that eventually would lead Champ back home.

After figuring out where the Sacramento dog came from, volunteers helped transport him back home. He made some stops in Fresno, Manteca and Galt.

Apparently Champ was microchipped, but the phone number wasn’t updated. Let this be your reminder to make sure yours is up to date!

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