America's Worst Driving Cities, Sacramento Drivers, QuoteWizard (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Sacramento Is No Longer America’s Worst Driving City…But We’re Still Ranked As Pretty Terrible

Last year, Sacramento was ranked as America’s worst driving city by QuoteWizard. The good news is, we were not ranked the worst in 2018. But the bad news is, we were still ranked third worst.

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Here are America’s worst driving cities this year:

1 Omaha, NE
2 Riverside, CA
3 Sacramento, CA
4 Columbus, OH
5 San Francisco Bay Area, CA

According to QuoteWizard, Sacramento moved to third because of a drop in speeding and accidents. However, we stayed the same as far as number of DUIs and violations.

Somehow Orlando was named the best driving city. I’m going with it’s full of tourists from other cities with responsible drivers. Have I mentioned I hate Florida?

Study Reveals California Has Worst Drivers

Here’s hoping we do even better next year so everyone’s insurance rates decrease.

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