Sacramento Zoo, Northern California Zoo, Sacramento Zoo Renovations (Photo by Chris Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

Sacramento Zoo To Undergo Major Renovations And Adding Two New Animal Species

The 91-year-old Sacramento Zoo  announced last week that they will be making some major renovations. Firstly, the lions exhibit will be combined with the currently empty tiger exhibit. This will basically double the resident lions’ living space, giving them more room to roam around according to CBS 13.

Additionally, two new animal species will join the Sacramento Zoo. Five meerkats (you know, Timon from the Lion King) will be transferred from the Brevard Zoo in Florida. And, okapi, aka forest giraffes, will be coming to Northern California.

Also, the coati who’s been living at the zoo for a while will finally get to hand out in his own habitat. To make room for some of the new additions, many of the hornbills will be transferred to other zoos in the country, per the zoo’s website.

I’ve never actually been to the Sacramento Zoo, so I can’t really envision the changes. But, if you’ve been, what do you think? Are you excited about the new species and renovation?

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