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Zac Brown Band Sings National Anthem At NCAA College Game [VIDEO]

Last night, Jan. 8, Zac Brown Band performed the National Anthem in Atlanta, Georgia. They performed for the NCAA college football national championship game.

The four members sang a version of the Anthem with gospel chorus David Walker and High Praise. President Donald Trump’s being there made this a highly publicized game. Due to videos of the President struggling with the song at the game, some are wondering if he knows the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” He only sang along with parts of the song, according to the Boot.

It was a close match with the Alabama Crimson Tide beating the Georgia Bulldogs by 26-23. Zac Brown Band was rooting for the Bulldogs on social media before the game (of course, since they’re Georgia natives).

Watch the band’s performance below.

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