10 Year Old Punished For Calling His Teacher Ma’am!

By kncipat on August 27, 2018

Respectful or annoying?  A teacher in North Carolina punished a 10 year old student because he kept calling her ma’am.

The boy’s mom said she could tell as soon as he got off the bus that something was wrong.  “He told me he got in trouble for saying ma’am to his teacher,” said Teretha Wilson.

Foxnews.com says Wilson has raised her son to always be respectful and to use the term ma’am.  She met with school officials including the teacher and brought with her the webster’s definition of the word ma’am.  It is, “a term of respectful or polite address used for a woman.”  The teacher said the boy’s consistent using of the word annoyed her but couldn’t give a reason as to why it was bad.  The boy has been placed in a different class.

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