14-Foot Albino Python Goes Missing In Redding Amid Evacuations

By Cody Briana on July 30, 2018
(Photo By: Matt Cardy / Getty Images)

Ummm… This makes me nervous. As if the Redding fires aren’t frightening enough, a 14-foot albino reticulated python is on the loose in the area! Sac Bee reports Dodge-Streich, owner of Redding Reptiles, said the snake escaped after she and her animals were forced to evacuate late last week.

Eres, the female python, is believed to have gone missing from Dandelion Drive and El Verano Street. She could’ve traveled as far as a couple of miles! The good news is Dodge-Streich said she’s “not a harm to anybody” and is probably hiding somewhere cool and dark, like underneath the deck of a house.

So be on the look out? Hopefully she hasn’t been harmed by the fire.

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