2 Year Old And Dog Have An Awesome Game Of Catch Through Fence! (Video)

Conway and Dozer are best friends and they do this every day!

By kncipat on July 20, 2018
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

This video is pure joy.  Conway is 2 and one of his best friends is the next door neighbor dog, Dozer.  A fence separates the two.  No problem.  Conway chucks a tennis ball over the fence and Dozer excitedly gets it and drops it back over the fence.  It’s a classic game of fetch that Conway’s mom says happens every day.  Conways’ giggle and little 2 year old voice is one of the best sounds you can hear.  And Dozer’s enthusiasm to play with his buddy is infectious.   Conway’s dad, Chad, posted the video on twitter:

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