28 Percent of Delivery Drivers Taste Your Food, According to Study

By Pacey on July 29, 2019
(Photo by Fairfax Media via Getty Images)

Well this is just disgusting! However it probably won’t change my view on getting food delivered to my house.

According to a study done by US Foods, 28 percent of delivery drivers admitted to at least tasting their customer’s food once.

“We’re sorry to report that sometimes, impulse gets the best of deliverers, and they violate their sacred duty by taking some of the food!” US Foods wrote in the survey.

The study included 1,518 American adults, with about 500 of those being drivers who deliver food for apps like Postmates and Doordash.

Out of the 500 delivery drivers, 140 said they have sampled food they were delivering at some point in their life. When drivers were asked if they’re ever tempted by the smell of the food they’re delivering, 54 percent said “yes.”

This being said, about 85 percent of costumers said restaurants should start using “tamper free” materials for delivery.

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