3 Tahoe Bear Cubs Ended Up In The Lake; Mama Bear To The Rescue

And it happens the week of Mother’s Day? Perfect!

By kncitom on May 4, 2020

It’s the perfect story just ahead of Mother’s Day: 3 bear cubs got seperated from their mom near Tahoe Keys Marina on Monday. By the time South Lake Tahoe Firefighters arrived, the 3 cubs had ended up in the water. 

But, so did mamma bear.

It’s like someting out of a kid’s book. It’s not clear if the cubs waded in or fell in, but either way, they were a little too young to be away from the shallow end. As onlookers cheered her on, mamma bear paddled over and rescued each cub by putting them on her back, then swimming them to shore. It doesn’t get better than that!

The SLTF Facebook page posted video of one of the cubs being rescued. Check it out here and enjoy all the feels

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