5 Year Old “Angel” Flips Her Mom Off During Christmas Play

By kncipat on December 17, 2019
Photo by JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER/AFP via Getty Images

She’s now my favorite angel.  A 5 year old girl in a Christmas play hurt her finger.  Her mom was sitting in the front row taking pictures and video.  So  little Ella, dressed as an angel, walked over to show her mom her boo boo.  She raised her finger, the middle one.  Then to show her mom how swollen it was she raised the middle finger on her other hand so mom could compare.  Yep, Merry Christmas here’s an inadvertent double flip off.  The entire audience was busting up.  And her mom’s reaction? She laughed and said,  “It had to be my child!  When she gets older I’ll bring the pictures out and show her. ”  Here’s Ella, our favorite little angel. 

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