5 Year Old Boy Gets Adopted In Front Of His Entire Kindergarten Class (Video)

By kncipat on December 9, 2019
Photos courtesy of WZZM/13 on your side Grand Rapids

Video games, cell phones, laptops, ipads…that’s what most kids want for Christmas.  Not 5 year old Michael Clark.  He wanted a family.  When he found out he was going to be adopted Michael was so excited he invited his whole kindergarten class.  And guess what.  They all came.  Micahel’s teacher Kerry McKee arranged a school bus to take all the kids to the Grand Rapids, Michigan courthouse.  As she said after the ceremony, “is there a better field trip to be had?”   All the kids dressed up in what my mom used to call “Sunday School clothes.”  They all held sticks that had red and pink hearts on them.  The judge addressed the class and asked them what Michael meant to them.  One of his schoolmates jumped up and said, “Michael is my best friend.  I love Michael.”  

When judge Patricia Gardner said, “It is hereby ordered that your forever mom and dad will be David Ethan and Andrea Melvin,”  there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  Except for Michael….he was too excited.  Check the end of the video.  Michael’s forever dad, David is trying to explain to a local news station that he and his Andrea had been working with Catholic Charities to make this happen and Michael interrupts three times to say how much he loves his daddy.  It’s just a special, special moment. 


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