7-Eleven Debuts New Cap’N Crunch Slurpee

By Admin on July 3, 2018
Cap'N Crunch Slurpee, Slurpee, 7-Eleven Slurpee (Photo by Larry Marano/Getty Images for 7-Eleven)
(Photo by Larry Marano/Getty Images for 7-Eleven)

Can we all agree that a plain ol’ cherry slurpee is the best? But, if you  need something weirder, 7-Eleven has you covered. For a limited time anyway. The snack emporium just released a new Cap’N Crunch Slurpee.

Although, it’s probably worth nothing that it’s just the Crunch Berries flavor. Reports say that it takes like the cereal which is neat at first. Then it just gets weird.


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7-Elevens new Slurpee … Cap N Crunch’s Crunch Berries 😱 First couple of slurps it does actually taste like the cereal.. in a frozen freaky way. But after those first slurps it’s just weird…. not in a great way. There was a guy in front of me that bought one too and his words were “unique but I’ll never buy it again”. I think that sums up my opinion too. I do recommend you give it a shot by buying a small one- how often does a Capt Crunch Crunch Berrie slurpee come around? Ya gotta try it. Swipe 👉🏻 to see my finesse and expertise filling my cup up. 💁🏼‍♀️ #711 #7eleven #7elevenslurpee #7elevencaptaincrunchcrunchberriesslurpee #captaincrunchberries #captcrunchberries #captcrunchberriesslurpee #cerealslurpee #tryoneforthecaptain #crunchberriescereal #crunchberriesslurpee #finesse #precision #masterfullydone #pepsislurpeeisthebest #junkfood #yolo #myaimisonpoint

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Have you seen it at a 7-Eleven near you? Would you try a Cap’N Crunch Slurpee?

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