8 Year Old Rocklin Boy Gives Flowers To Woman Who Just Lost Her Husband And Completely Makes Her Christmas

By kncipat on December 28, 2020
Photo by GINTS IVUSKANS/AFP via Getty Images

He just wanted to make somebody happy. An 8 year old boy’s random act of kindness in Rocklin completely changed Sherrie Brown’s Christmas. 

Sherrie lost her husband of 56 years 4 months ago and was not looking forward to Christmas. “I just thought I can’t do this. I don’t want to do this,” said Sherrie. According to CBS13 Sherrie was in a Bel Air in Rocklin reluctantly getting food for her Christmas dinner. As she came out an 8 year old boy handed her some flowers with the following four words, “These are for you.” Sherrie said the boy’s mom told her, “He wants to go out and make people happy.” Sherrie went to her car, sat and cried for awhile. When she got home she messaged her son Daniel the following, “Hi Dan it’s your mother. I had something happen today and you won’t believe but it’s good so um when you have a chance give me a call. Alright, bye.”

Dan shared the story on social media and it immediately went viral. One reply said, “That was your dad. Your dad guided that kid to your mom on this day.” Dan’s not arguing. As for Sherrie she said, “It just gives you a good feeling. You know we made it through Christmas without too many tears.” She added, “I don’t know if he was in the store. I have no idea. But I’m glad it was me.” 

To see Sherrie and read the whole story head here

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