9 Year Old Whose Dad Is A Green Beret Writes Book To Support Military Kids

By kncipat on November 11, 2019
Photo by Andy Katz/Getty Images

Davidson is 9 years old and has written a book.  His inspiration?   His dad.   Davidson’s dad, Dave is a Green Beret.  Every time Dave deploys young Davidson declares himself “the man of the house.”  He helps his mom with chores, reads to his 3 younger siblings and makes sure their house is, in Davidson’s words, buttoned up.  Dave and his young son have an inseparable bond, even when Dave is half way across the world.  Three years ago Davidson’s world stopped when Dave was wounded in battle.  Davidson and his family flew to Washington D.C. and hustled to see his dad at Walter Reed National Medical Center.  Elizabeth, Davidson’s mom, says she will never ever forget seeing her young son hug her injured husband.  “They have such an amazing bond.”  Dave eventually returned home to rest and recover.  That’s when Davidson who was in first grade at the time, had the idea for a book.   “I wanted to write a book to show other military kids that they won’t have to be scared when their dads are deployed.”  And guess who illustrated the book?  Dave. This is how the two of them spent time together during Dave’s recovery.  The book is called, “Brave For My Family,” and it’s available starting today, Veterans Day!  If you want to take a look and maybe order it here’s the link:  

Thank you to Davidson for writing the book, his dad for his service and all military everywhere…past, present and their families. And in honor of Davidson’s dad, Dave, here’s a throwback.  The song is called “The Ballad Of The Green Berets.”  The song was written and sung by Sgt Barry Sadler who was a Green Beret medic.  It was billboard magazine’s song of the year all the way back in 1966.  


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