9 Year Old Writes Emotional Letter To Sam Hunt After His DUI

By kncipat on November 29, 2019

It’s the simple things that when the timing is right can change your life.  Let’s hope Sam Hunt takes the simple advice of 9 year old Khloe Waller.  Khloe almost lost her dad last year when he was hit by a drunk driver.  He spent months in the hospital recovering and today still needs the help of cane to walk.  Khloe is also a big fan of Sam Hunt.  When she learned about Sam’s recent DUI Khloe decided to write him a letter.  The letter is heartfelt, honest and hopefully for Sam life changing.  She signs it, “from your biggest fan Khloe Waller.”   Take a look at the letter she sent and here’s hoping her dad one day walks without a cane, and Sam Hunt takes Khloe’s advice.  

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