A Man Was Shot By: A) His Ex-Wife, B) A House Robber, Or C) His Dog

A man got shot by a surprising suspect, and despite what happened, the man who was shot says it was all just an accident, and nobody is a bad boy.

By DAVID on November 1, 2018
(Photo by Chris Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

The good news is that while yes, Gilligan got shot, he is expected to be fine. He’s got a long road to recovery though, after getting shot by a shotgun at close range. The blast broke a couple ribs and his collarbone, and he lost a lot of blood.

In an interview while in recovery, Gilligan said “I was very fortunate I could get to my phone,” Gilligan said. “The DASO (Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office) first-responders saved my life. If they waited 10 more minutes I would’ve died. I lost so much blood. I know I actually passed to the other side just before getting to the hospital but they were able to revive me through CPR and bring me back. I have so much appreciation to the doctors and first-responders who saved my life.”

So who fired the gun? Well, if you answered “C,” you’re right. Gilligan’s dog, Charlie, is the one who fired the shotgun. The gun was in the back seat of Gilligan’s truck, and Charlie stepped on the trigger. He started to slip off the seat, with one of his paws catching and pulling the trigger. The gun fired through the back of the front seat, and hit Gilligan in the chest. Despite all that though, Gilligan doesn’t blame the dog at all. Gilligan says “It was an accident, although they (his family) tease me asking me if he did it on purpose… Truth is, (Charlie’s) a big, loving dog and would never hurt anybody on purpose.” See some more info on Gilligan and his dogs here.

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