A Nashville Record Rep Once Told Jimmie Allen, “You’re Pretty Cool…For A Black Guy.”

By kncipat on June 5, 2020
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for CMT Via Getty Images

Jimmie Allen’s had 2 number one songs. He’s played a couple of our events including Dave’s Pumpkin Patch in West Sac 2 years ago. He’s funny, insightful, talented and his career is really just now taking off. But his start was a little rocky. Not because he’s not talented. Not because he’s a bad writer. And certainly not because he loves country music and country music fans. It was because he’s black. Jimmie has never used that as a crutch. It just made him work harder. We talked with Jimmie this morning and asked him to give us his insight on George Floyd, the protests, raising black children and the best way to navigate relationships. What he had to say made us like him even more. Here’s our interview with Jimmie (by the way, the guitar strap he’s wearing in the picture is a tribute to his grandmother, Bettie, which is also his new baby girl’s middle name). 


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