A Road In Germany Just Got Covered With Actual Chocolate

A German chocolate factory had a little accident, and it resulted in about 2,000 pounds of chocolate spilling and covering the roads around the facility.

By DAVID on December 12, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Here in California, our roads are full of holes. They’re bumpy, they’re rough, and they’re annoying to drive on. I know you agree with me. This road in Germany is covered in silky smooth chocolate which would be an absolute delight to drive on, only it was a total accident. It also won’t hold a car, which is another problem.

The factory had a spill, and the chocolate flowed out of the facility. The chocolate covered the sidewalks and roads around the factory, then cured. It’s like something out of a cartoon. What happened was that there was some sort of miscalculation or simple error, and one of the storage tanks overflowed. One of the firefighters responding to the scene to help clean phrased it best. He says, after seeing the ton or chocolate spilled out, that it formed a “ten-square-meter choco-pancake.”

In total, there were 25 firefighters with shovels cleaning up. They had to literally scoop the chocolate off the roadway. It was a big mess, and literally a ton – 2,000 pounds of the stuff. The factory was down for the rest of the day, but apparently was able to get back to production the following day. See some more info on the most delicious disaster ever here.

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