Actress Melissa Peterman Gives Commencement Speech At Graduation For One

The pandemic has created a lot of unique graduations. This is definitely one of them

By kncitom on June 1, 2020
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

Like nearly every other graduating senior in America, Dalton Branson of Orangevale, CA had his year end plans upended by the pandemic. 

But the Bella Vista High School grad (and, by the way, a Valedictorian) has a pretty great mom, Paula. And she wasn’t about to let his big moment slip away.

Prior to having 25 of Dalton’s classmates over to the house for a graduation brunch and celebration, she had us come out. 

We know what you’re thinking: radio DJs? There’s zero special about that.

And you’re right! 

We knew that too, which is why we reached out to the only Hollywood actress we know: Melissa Peterman from the Reba show, Baby Daddy, Young Sheldon, The Singing Bee and more. We know what a funny person she is, so we asked if she’d be up for delivering Dalton’s graduation address. 

To our surprise, she said yes! So we sent her some information on Dalton and waited.

What makes it even more special is, after she agreed to do it, her hometown of Minneapolis was ground zero for the riots and violence that have sadly consumed our country over the weekend. She could’ve easily backed out and we would’ve understood completely. But she didn’t. She followed through and gave us a much-needed glimmer of good on an otherwise pretty traumatic weekend, and she gave a young man a graduation he will definitely never forget. 

The video below is a compilation and runs about 9 minutes but if you’re looking for something uplifting, it’s worth the watch.

Nice job Dalton! And thank you Melissa, for being the good 🙂

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