Afghan Interpreter Who Saved Mulitple US Lives Becomes US Citizen

By kncipat on July 6, 2020
Photo by Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

An Afghan translator who spent 9 years of his life helping the U.S military fight the Taliban, just celebrated America’s 244th birthday as a United States citizen.  Janis Shinwari not only helped U.S. forces by acting as a translator he also saved the lives of several U.S. soldiers including Captain Matt Zeller. In a fight with the Taliban Captain Zeller was injured, in a ditch and 2 Taliban were running up from behind with guns drawn. Janis shot and killed the 2 Taliban and then carried Captain Zeller to safety. By saving Captain Zeller’s life and continuing to act as a translator Janis landed on the Taliban’s kill list. It was Captain Zeller who worked tirelessly on Janis’ behalf and finally was able to get a visa for him and eventually his family. That was in 2013. Last Tuesday, June 30th, Janis Shinwari officially became a United States citizen. So did the rest of his family. The best part, Janis says is “ you’re safe.  You don’t have to worry, you can sleep well.  Once you are here, you’re free.” And on Saturday, July 4th, Janis and his family joined the rest of America in celebrating that freedom.

Check out senior official Ken Cuccinelli who performs duties for Homeland Security making the U.S. citizenship official for Janis along with several others last week.  See the whole story here



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