After 10 Years In A Shelter “Wiggles” Finally Gets Adopted

By kncipat on February 8, 2021
Photo by Artyom GeodakyanTASS via Getty Images

When she first came to the Alton Animal Shelter “Wiggles” was not friendly. She didn’t like other dogs and didn’t much care for humans. Eventually she warmed up to both but that took a couple of years. So for the last ten years this pit bull mix lived in the shelter. Five years ago when she was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a golf ball near her neck. Because it was benign and given Wiggles advanced age (she was 9 at the time) shelter doctors decided not to operate. Throw in food allergies and her chances of getting adopted all but vanished. That was until a couple of weeks ago when a couple came to the shelter looking for a dog. They looked and looked but kept coming back to Wiggles. After almost 11 years Wiggles finally has a forever home with a loving family. 

The shelter’s been in contact with the couple in the last week and says Wiggles is happy, comfortable and even on new meds for arthritis. Shelter director Karla Crane said it warms her heart and proves to her again that “there’s a family out there for every dog we have here.” 

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