Amazon Is Selling A Shock Bracelet To Cure You Of Your Bad Habits

By Cody Briana on June 18, 2019
(Photo By: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

I don’t know if this is ridiculous or I want one. Amazon is selling a bracelet that will SHOCK you to cure you of your bad habits! Basically, it’s an electric shock dog collar but for humans. The device is called Pavlok, looks like a Fitbit, and work via app. All you have to do is set and train it to zap, beep, or vibe when you engage in whatever you don’t want to. Like eating too much junk food, smoking, biting your nails, sleeping in…

Though it’ll cost you $199.99! Not necessarily cheap but worth it? The makers claim that within 3 days your cravings will be significantly reduced. Hmm… Check it out HERE.

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