‘American Idol’ Contestant Says He Was ‘Uncomfortable’ With Katy Perry Kiss

Uh oh! Katy Perry is in hot water.

By Cody Briana on March 15, 2018
(Photo By: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images)

Uh oh! Katy Perry is in hot water. 20-year-old American Idol contestant Ben Isaac Glaze gave an interview yesterday with the New York Times where he revealed he was “uncomfortable” when the pop star gave him his first-ever kiss during his audition. The incident was shown on Sunday night’s premiere

Perry faced backlash online after the article was published, being accused of sexually harassing him in the wake of the #MeToo movement. However, Glaze later took to Instagram to set the record straight. He says he doesn’t feel she harassed him. But, I mean, technically she did. What do you think?


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