Angry Son Pushes His BMW Into River Because He Wanted A Jaguar Instead

By Pacey on August 19, 2019
(Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Talk about throwing a temper tantrum! But this guy isn’t even a child, he’s in his 20’s!

A 22 year old boy, I refuse to call him a man, from India was so upset that his parents bought him a BMW M3 instead of a Jaguar that he pushed the BMW into a river.

Akash told police he was mad because his parents knew he wanted the more expensive car but got him the BMW. However his parents are telling the police a different story hoping that insurance would cover it as an accident.

Just an FYI, in India, this BMW costs around $50,000 while a Jaguar would cost $70,000.

Check out the video below of them trying to pull the car out of the river as the boy realizes he’s made a mistake.


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