Anthony Bourdain’s Most Memorable Quotes

By Cody Briana on June 8, 2018
(Photo by: Robin Marchant / Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival)

Anthony Bourdain had a way with words. He spoke and wrote so eloquently. He was good-looking, cool, witty, and real. Not to mention, successful. It’s hard to imagine why a man like that would take his own life. Then again, money doesn’t buy happiness. Depression is a disease. And not everyone let’s the world know the pain they’re in. Nor seeks help.

He did, however, leave his mark on the world. I was reading through his most memorable quotes on and realized how similar we are. I remembered how much I admire his abrasiveness and unapologetic opinions. Also, that gorgeous voice! I can hear it. And will probably spend the rest of the night watching Parts Unknown to hear it some more.

Enjoy his best moments HERE.

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