Apocalyptic Arizona Wall Of Dust Will Haunt Your Dreams (video)

By kncitom on July 10, 2018

Years ago, Pat and I were offered and strongly considered taking a job at a country radio station in Phoenix. It was a great opportunity but, the timing was bad. We both had new babies and, honestly, we loved where we lived and worked (still do).

Plus, I remember going out and buying a book about Arizona, and was stunned to learn just how many things there can kill, injure or just unsettle you–blast furnace heat (Phoenix is the only place that can make Sacramento’s summers look positively mild), poisonous snakes and other reptiles (look up gila monster), killer bees, and all hideous manner of venomous scorpions, spiders and centipedes.

And now, decades later, I am adding this to the list. It’s a “Haboob”–a fast moving weather system with preceding winds that scour up the desert floor and creates a hellishly tall (and wide) wall of dust, debris and probably a few of those venomous arachnids.

Look at this thing and tell me you wouldn’t see it coming and think it’s literally the end of the world.

And then once it hits….


This latest Haboob, which hit the Phoenix area earlier this week, left 100,000 people without power and thousands of clean freaks needing therapy after dust found its way into the cracks and crevices of everything–buildings and people. How could it not when it’s being driven by winds that sound like this…?

So yeah, even though it’s gonna be triple digits the rest of the week here in Sacramento, at least we don’t have any apocalyptic Haboobs bearing down on us. We’re still real happy we didn’t take that job.

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