Are You Team Oct 31st Or Team Halloween On Saturday Forever?

And a candy company has stepped in to sweeten up the offer

By kncitom on July 30, 2019
photo courtesy: Getty Images

There is an online petition at urging that the United States move Halloween permanently and forever … to a Saturday night! 

The intro to the petition reads 

“It’s time for a Safer, Longer, Stress-Free Celebration! Let’s move Halloween to the last Saturday of October!”

And so far, it’s garnered over 110,000 signatures out of a goal of 150,000, although it’s unclear what would happen to the petition after that (there is a vague reference to it being sent to the President’s office but that in itself doesn’t explain much).

The petition was started by the National Halloween and Costume Association (who knew that was a thing?) and among the practical reasons the group puts forward for the change: a Saturday night Halloween would be safer because there would be more time for adults and children to properly prepare.

The petition has a comments section, with hundreds weighing in both pro and con. Among those opposed? Folks who point out that “Halloween” means “All Hallow’s Eve” which is traditionally the night before All Saint’s Day on November 1st. So, permanently fixing Halloween to a Saturday would ruin that connection, and several suggest if a switch happens, then the name of the holiday should be changed to something non-religious and generic, like “Trick or Treat Day”. 

Personally, I’d love a permanent switch to that last Saturday. Halloween is my favorite holiday and just from my own selfish perspective, it would give me an entire day to outfit our house and get it ready because really, I truly scaring the crap out of little kids and their parents. I know. I’m weird that way.

But, if it’s any extra incentive there is also this: on Monday, Snickers announced they would give away one million free Snickers bars if the holiday gets switched, tweeting:

I wouldn’t do anything for a Klondike bar, but at the very least I would do this for a free Snickers.  To check out the petition and learn more, either click through in the tweet above or, click here



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