Australian Farm Dog Saves Entire Flock Of Sheep From Fire

By kncipat on January 8, 2020
Photo courtesy of Patsy The Wonderdog

The blazing fire was headed towards her farm so Patsy, a border collie, did the only thing she could do.  She rounded up the entire flock of sheep and herded them to safety.  Once the sheep were safe Patsy sat and guarded the farm until her human was able to get his tractor, attach a water tanker and fight the flames.  The 2 farmhouses, barn, shearing shed and silo were saved along with the family and, of course, the sheep.  The picture of Patsy standing guard over her farm as the fire approached is unbelievable.  She wasn’t about to let anything bad happen to her sheep, her humans or her farm.  Nope, not on her watch.  While the  fires continue to ravage Australia., firefighters from all over the world including here in California are rushing to help.  They are truly heroes, and so is Patsy.  Dogs….we don’t deserve them.  

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