Avett Brothers Cancel Show Due To Armed Person In Venue

The Avett Brothers canceled a show this past weekend when news got around to them that someone entered into the venue with a gun.

By Admin on July 9, 2018
avett brothers
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

The Avett Brothers canceled a show last minute in Oregon on Saturday, July 7. They made the decision after finding out someone entered into the venue with a gun.

According to The Boot, the band shared a statement explaining what happened. Security stopped “an individual” after setting off the metal detector at the entrance. The guard discovered that the person was carrying a gun, and said that firearms are not allowed inside. The individual then said he was an out-of-state police officer and showed security his badge. When the guard told the patron to wait for a manager, the person vanished.

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Security tried to find the individual, but to no avail. The Avett Brothers decided to cancel the show in the interest of public safety. They apologized but stressed that they “have no regret[s]” about their choice.

The band will be making up the show on a later date. Those who bought tickets to the show can hold on to their ticket and redeem it at the rescheduled show.

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