Beast Mode Is The Best Mode

Marshawn Lynch doesn’t take it easy on high schoolers at a practice this week.

By Doug Lazy on October 27, 2017
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Marshawn Lynch has been a bit of a controversial figure in the NFL over the years but I do. not. care. And not just because the Seahawks won a Super Bowl with him (and should’ve won a 2nd if they just WOULD’VE GIVEN THE BALL TO MARSHAWN but I digress…).

I love Marshawn because the dude loves life. He loves people. He loves the game of football.

He also loves his hometown, Oakland, which is the main reason he came out of retirement to play for the Raiders. And while he hasn’t been racking up the numbers he did in his prime, he’s still got the same passion. Case in point: Lynch was kicked out of their recent game against the Chiefs, and then suspended for another game without pay, after coming off the sideline during a scuffle in the second quarter. He was sticking up for his quarterback, Derek Carr after a late hit (he loves his teammates) and, in the heat of the moment, he shoved an official (Apparently, he doesn’t love refs all that much. Then again, who does?)

How’d Lynch handle the aftermath? He went into the stands to watch the rest of the game (he loves the fans), and afterwards was spotted riding BART home…with THE GUY WHO COMMITTED THE LATE HIT, with whom he happens to be childhood friends (He loves his enemies).

But here’s another reason I love Marshawn: he isn’t allowed to work out with the Raiders team while suspended, so he stayed in shape in another totally Marshawn way…by suiting up for practice with his old high school team at Oakland Tech high school. And he didn’t take it easy on the kids, either, as you can see in this video he posted to Instagram (even though the screen shot below is initially dark, click the “play” arrow, it will still play)

Unfortunately for Marshawn, as much as he seems to love just about everybody and everything, trouble seems to at least be mildly attracted to him….and Oakland Tech is now being reprimanded by the Oakland Unified School District and the CIF for having an unauthorized player on the field during practice. No punishment has been meted out yet and in an official statement it sounds like the district may only use this incident to remind the school (and others) of the rules. But either way, I’ll still love the guy. How can you not?

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