How To Have Your Best EVER Country In the Park

Alrighty folks, it’s time again to refresh ourselves with some of the dos and don’ts for Country in the Park. We want you to have the best time possible, so maximize your Country in the Park experience and read on.

  1. Gates will open at three, which means parking will open about two. It will be ten bucks to park and please know ahead of time: NO TAILGATING. Sorry, we love tailgaters, but some get carried away–including one time when a couple took the “tail” part of tailgating little too literally and, um, got romantic beneath a jacked-up pick-up truck in front of everybody. Yeah, so no more tailgating.
  2.  Pay attention to your ticket. When you get to Cal-Expo there will be three lines for entry–one for General Admission, one for VIP and one for Frost Row Pit Pass holders. Check your ticket ahead of time and get in the proper line.
  3. Blankets and low-backed chairs are fine. No hi-backed chairs or, like, futons. In fact, futons are rarely a good idea anywhere anymore. What is this? 1993?
  4. We want our vendors to have as good a day as you soooo …no outside food or beverages and please, no coolers of any kind. Two exceptions: one *sealed* bottle of water per person is fine (no thermos’ with twist off tops) and a cooler is OK if you have special medical needs (such as diabetes) that requires certain foods or beverages. If that’s you, please make sure you make station personnel aware as soon as you arrive.
  5. Be courteous! Simple things like saying excuse me…please…thank you…making sure you’re a good concert neighbor and, you know, not barfing on someone’s feet will go a long way towards making the day epic for everyone.
  6. Don’t overindulge. We love beer too…just not 20 at one time. Have fun but don’t get out of control. And please–have a designated driver or some other safe way to get home if you do plan on enjoying a few.
  7. Dudes–please keep your shirt on. It’s not technically against the rules it’s just…ew.
  8. Ladies–yep, you too.
  9. Don’t take matters into your own hands. If someone is outta line, there will be plenty of security on hand. Please use them. If you can’t find one, find someone in a KNCI shirt and we’ll find one.
  10. Watch your language! Hey, Pat and I love a good ‘Hell Yeah!’ every now and again but anything stronger than that? Come on. There are kids.
  11. Speaking of kids–kids are 1000% welcome at Country in the Park but please remember a few things: it’s loud so, especially if they’re very young, be sure they have headphones for them or earplugs (there will be free ones available). Also…it’s still a concert, not Funderland. Despite our best efforts posting rules like this, and the fact that 99.8% of the folks there that day will be totally cool and chill…there will still be some jackwagons who may say, yell or do something that’s not appropriate for kids. Please keep that in mind and keep your kids–especially little ones!–close, at all times.
  12. If you DO get separated from your kid, let someone know as soon as possible and talk to your kid ahead of time what to do in case that happens. Have a game plan.
  13. Don’t bring weed. Even though it’s legal in California now, that doesn’t mean our show is 420 friendly. It’s not. No regular old smoking either.
  14. Don’t bring weapons. Kinda goes without saying but, knives, guns, bazookas, flame throwers..? Hard no. And no laser pointers. Those things are really only good for Power Point presentations and messing with cats anyway.
  15. If you see one of us KNCI “on-air personality” types, by all means, say hi. Chat us up. Voice a concern if you have one. But please, don’t... hit us up to get backstage or try to give us something to take backstage to get autographed. We can’t and we won’t and we’d rather not have to tell you that and look like d***s.
  16. Clean up after yourself. Yes, we have a crew standing by to pick up at the end of the night but let’s give them a break and try to keep the mess to a minimum. There will be plenty of garbage cans around the grounds. Use ’em!
  17. Don’t swim in the pond! The infield at Cal-Expo has a great big pond and if it’s hot out, it might tempt some to wade in. Our strong recommendation: DON’T…that water is full of chemicals, goose poop, and …anacondas, probably. Unless you want a head-to-toe rash and three days of screaming diarrhea, STAY OUT.
  18. Bring sunscreen. Even though the sun goes behind the grandstands by late afternoon, it can still get roasty-toasty, especially up close to the stage, which is the last area to get shaded.
  19. Lastly…HAVE A GREAT TIME. This is our 19th annual Country in the Park and likely the biggest crowd we’ve ever had. With a little bit of mindfulness, courtesy and self-control we can all get in, rock out and go home safely. Thanks for getting your tickets and we’ll see you May 12!

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