Some Of The Best Stupid Stories of 2017

2017 was a topsy-turvey year, to say the least. But at least we could always count on one thing: stupid news stories…

By kncitom on December 19, 2017

2017 was a topsy-turvey year, to say the least. But at least we could always count on one thing: stupid news stories…most, involving stupid criminals. But not always. Below is a brief synopsis of some of our favorite delightfully dumb stories of 2017

–The young girl who brought her hamster to the vet because he wasn’t eating or drinking, and wouldn’t move from the side of his metal cage. Turns out, the hamster had swallowed a magnet and couldn’t move from the side of his cage.

–The would-be gasoline thief in Australia who didn’t know the difference between the gas tank on an RV and the septic tank. That is, until he manually attempted to start the siphoning.

–The robber in Florida who set an appointment with his victim to meet her the next day at an ATM when, in his opinion, she didn’t have enough money to hand over. She showed up the next day, right on time, with the police.

–Also from Florida, an opossum broke into a liquor store and was found the next day, hammered, next to an empty vodka bottle.

–ALSO from Florida, an attorney’s electronic cigarette caught fire while in his pocket, setting his pants on fire, which, given an attorney’s relationship with the truth, is funny enough. But, no lie, the guy was defending an arson suspect.

–From right here in Sacramento, the guy who, just last week, tried taking a page from Santa’s playbook and attempted to break into a house by sliding down its chimney. He got stuck and had to call 911 for help.

–An attempt at “the World’s Largest Snowball Fight” was called off in Georgia…because of snow.

–The thieves in San Diego who thought they were stealing 100 cell phone chargers from a shipping warehouse. Turns out those were actually GPS tracking devices, and they were all activated.

–the dude who robbed a gas station of food, drinks and cigarettes but forgot one crucial thing: to fill his tank. Police caught him after he’d run out of gas.

–Back to Florida for one more: the guy who thought it would be funny to use the photo from his wanted poster for his Facebook profile pic.

And lastly, maybe our favorite of all: the reality TV show about a group of people who had to live in isolation in the Scottish back country for a year, only to learn when they finally emerged that their showed had be canceled months before but nobody bothered to tell them.

Who knows what 2018 holds in store for us but we can be pretty certain that no matter what, dumb people and dumb stories will still find a way to bring forehead-smacking joy to us all.


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