Best Way To NOT To Remove Chest Hair? Fire. Definitely Not Fire (Video)

By kncitom on June 7, 2018

I once had my chest waxed, and although it did take a long time to grow back, the initial act of removal was very, very very unpleasant.

Some guys shave their chests, but it’s time consuming and they have to stay on top of it.

So, a 22 year dude in Norway decided he’d found a hack around both of those methods of chest hair removal.


Ruben Fisk has been left with a burn-scarred chest after his novel attempt at chest hair removal was a little incendiary than expected. Incredibly, this wasn’t the first time he’d tried it (which may explain why it doesn’t look like he had all that much chest hair to begin with); so this time, Ruben first had his friend spritz him a bit with some cologne, which–right–is flammable.

He told authorities he was surprised how large the flames were. Luckily Ruben was able to douse the flames fairly quickly, but not before receiving painful burns to his skin, which doctors say will result in permanent scarring.

As dumb as this is, I do enjoy the fact that his buddy thinks it’s hilarious. That’s a true friend, Ruben. A true friend.

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